Theatre – Rehearsal of Successful Integration into Job Market – Summary

On 1st of December, 2016 the trainers of NGO Forum Theatre Nikolai Kunitsõn and Gertha Teidla-Kunitsõn participated in a final event of poject „Theatre – rehearsal of successful integration into job market“ in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Tne final event was held as a conference, where all the project partners presented a summary and results of their year and a half of work with the project. Among Estonia, the project had partners from Latvia, Iceland and Lithuania.

The project started in 2015, when the trainers of NGO Forum Theatre carried out a forum theatre and the rainbow of desires workshop for all the project partners in Lithuania. In this way, all the partners gained a knowledge and skills to carrie out workshops.

During the project, the partners had to carry out 10 workshops of forum theatre and the rainbow of desires methods, in their home country. The target group of the workshops were unemployed and the goal was to use methods of Boal to empower unemployed people and to give them differents skills for a better coping of integration to job market.

At the final conference, all the partners shared their experienes with the workshops and the results they had achieved. In addition, different organisatsions in Lithuania, who work with unemployed people, were represented at the conference.

As one of the outcomes of the project, materials of the workshops have been made. You can find them in English and in Estonian.

Tne project was funded by Nordplus Adult and the leader of the project was a Lithuanian organisation „House of Arts and Education“ (in Lithuanian – Menu ir mokymo namai).

Project summary.

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