Ingliskeelsed materjalid

Materials about Theatre of the Oppressed in English:


Booklet of TO practises

Forum Theatre handbook “Act for what You believe”

Study materials made by MTÜ Foorumteater: 

Study material about Newspaper Theatre, made during international workshop “Newspaper Theatre in Praxis”

Study material about Rainbow of Desires, made during international training “Free Our Mind”.

Interviews made by MTÜ Foorumteater:

Short interview with Uri Noy Meir (2012)

Short interview with Iwan Brioc (2011)


DemocracyNOW! interviews with Augusto Boal – 1 and 2. And videos about the interview 1 and 2.

Robert Klement interview with Sima and Sanjoy Ganguly 

Robert Klement interview with Barbara Santos

Robert Klement interview with David Diamond

Robert Klement interview with Birgit Fritz

Robert Klement interview with Luc opdebeeck and Thamar Kemperman

Tom Magil interview with Augustu Boal


Three videos from Augusto Boal workshop in CMU (2008)

Channel in Youtube about Paulo Freire

Channel in Youtube about Augusto Boal 

Channel in Youtube about TO

Documentary video about Paulo Freire

Hector Aristizabal video about Ukraina (2014)


Games for Actors and Non Actors   Augusto Boal

The Rainbow of Desire   Augusto Boal

Theatre of the Oppressed   Augusto Boal

Legislative Theatre   Augusto Boal

Hamlet and Baker´s  Son  Augusto Boal

Playing Boal   Shutzman, Cohen-Cruz

Theatre for the Community, Conflict and Dialogue   M.Rohd


Remembering Boal through images Clara de Andrade

Theatre for Living “Maladjusted” 

“Corporation in our Head”


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